Coverify - A Not for Profit Initiative

Who are we?

Coverify is a not for profit initiative started by a group of passionate and dedicated individuals with the vision to build a product that can help a large number of fellow citizens during this pandemic. We believe our country is in dire need of motivated people willing to support each other to improve the current situation. Hence, we are building a community of #coverifiers who come together to crowdsource verified information for all. Join us towards this cause, become a part of something much bigger than yourself and help your fellow citizens.

Why are we doing this?

We understand that one of the major issues people are facing is lack of access to verified information and leads for covid19 medical resources. Currently, there is a lot of information available from many different sources but most of it isn’t verified hence people in need are not able to access the needed resources like oxygen, ambulance services, medicines, hospital beds etc in time.

How are we doing this?

To solve this issue, we have built a Mobile application called Coverify, to crowdsource the verification of the covid19 resource information to improve the accessibility of verified information. As a not for profit initiative, we are collaborating with NGOs, volunteer groups and other platforms to enhance our database and use our application to verify the covid leads. We have built a sophisticated feedback loop such that anyone using the app to contact the leads will be asked to give feedback on how resourceful the lead was. This would then be collected into a central database with verified information. The application would then display verified leads according to people’s need and location.
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a not for profit initiative
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Disclaimer: Coverify helps you procure leads, it is not liable for your experience with the contact